The YourMove Ottawa Approach: Expert Moving Methods & Timeline

What to Expect When Our Movers Arrive

Planning on moving, but unsure of the moving company’s process? Keep reading to learn about YourMove Ottawa’s approach, methods, and timeline for moving, so you can sleep safely knowing every step of our moving process.

1. Walkthrough

Upon arrival, Movers will take a detailed walkthrough of your home to determine the best way to pack your belongings.

2. Wrap Delicates

At this stage, movers will cover your furniture and delicate items with thick protective moving pads. Sometimes, an item may not be wrapped because it can affect the movers grip while lifting. In these cases, we delicately carry the item and wrap it in the truck.

3. Build Base

We build our trucks with the bigger items first. This helps us build a strong secure base to be able to pack all your items safely.

4. Stack & Grow

At this step, boxes and/or bags are then stacked on top of the strong base to utilize the maximum amount of space in the truck. Any extremely fragile items like glass/TV’s will be placed in between softer items such as mattresses.

5. Strap Down

Using our safety straps we keep the layers tight to ensure safety for your belongings, we don’t want anything moving around in the truck! 

6. Unload

Movers will carefully un-strap the truck and bring your items to your desired room location. Don’t like where something is placed? Any items you want adjusted (even the slightest amount) just let us know.

7. Enjoy Your New Home!

Every truck comes fully equipped with blankets, straps, dollies, tools, etc. to ensure your belongings stay safe, and everything moves efficiently. Any pieces/beds that need to be disassembled will be done at no extra cost! Our movers have years of experience and go through the necessary training to perform safely.



    "We plant a tree for every move. Our clients choose where each tree is planted."

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