Last Minute Moving Services in Ottawa-Gatineau

Short Notice Moving Solutions in Ottawa - Gatineau

Last Minute Moving Services / 24 Hour

Planning for a move doesn’t always seem to go as anticipated. A myriad of problems can occur, from elevator reservations to coordinating a pick-up and drop-off location. Moving at the very last minute is one of the most difficult situations you can find yourself in.

Thankfully, YourMove Ottawa is prepared and well-equipped to take care of same-day moves. Regardless of how urgent the situation is, YourMove Ottawa’s last-minute moving service is able to provide you with the help you need within 24 hours.  If you need any help with packing, ask us about our full service moving solutions and we will be happy to assist with that as well. We want your moving day to be as easy as possible.

Affordable Student Moving Services in Ottawa

Ottawa - Gatineau Last Minute / Short Notice Moving Solutions

Sometimes life can be so busy that plans for YourMove gets pushed back so far that it becomes stressful and hectic. With YourMove Ottawa, we’ll be able to handle all of the logistics, and coordination. Our coordinators will work closely with our operations team to make sure that our moving crew arrives on time, and has all of the equipment and information necessary to protect your items.


We plant a tree for every move. Our team is readily available to move your  valuable assets to your new home/office safely and economically. We provide complete customer satisfaction that will exceed your expectations.

Packing Services

Our experienced packers can help you with partial or full packing service according to your moving requirements. We also sell a complete line of moving and packing supplies.

Local Moving

Finding a reliable moving company can be very challenging, especially when this may be your first time looking for one. YourMove Ottawa helps you at every stage of the moving process.

Long Distance Moving

With our expert moving network spread across Canada we can help move you seamlessly. Our full-service long-distance moving service offers you with quality relocation solutions wherever your move takes you.


You benefit from our experience in delivering effective moving solutions to the Ottawa/Gatineau area.


Our innovative moving solutions make every move better than the last. Your time and happiness is our first priority.


Our outstanding customer support team at YourMove Ottawa is ready to answer all of your inquiries for a great move.

Your Valuables Will Arrive Safely & Securely

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. We will move your valuables as if they were our own. YourMove Ottawa will make moving an enjoyable experience for you and your family.


Yes. These items include gas cans, aerosol products, propane tanks, liquids, and paints. These items cannot be moved if not properly packed due to various safety concerns. In addition, we do not allow for hazardous materials to be in our moving trucks.

It’s imperative that yours pets are with a sitter prior to our movers arriving. Unfortunately, pets can often get underfoot, and cause issues for our movers. We also do not transport any live animals in our trucks.

We advise that items are taken out of the dressers. But if anything is left in your drawers, we advise that they are light and not fragile, due to the fact that dressers often shift when moved in a truck.

Definitely! We advise that you have a detailed floor plan for where your furniture will be placed in your new home. Even if you haven’t created one, we will still assist in placing your furniture wherever you desire.



    "We plant a tree for every move. Our clients choose where each tree is planted."

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